A new take on media storage:
innovative, collaborative, intuitive

Our storage products now come with a brain: with ELEMENTS Media Library you can not only store your data but also organize, edit and share it – quickly, easily and in the most efficient way ever. When and where you want.

Perfectly tailored to the requirements of video professionals

As seasoned video professionals ourselves, we know the complex workflows of video production. That’s why we have developed a MAM that is not only easy and fully intuitive to use but that actually simplifies any workflow radically.

Media storage for people.
Not for IT systems.

ELEMENTS stands for flexibility, capacity, security, and performance. But we design our products not only to fulfill the technical needs of the industry but also to accommodate the people behind every project, handling sophisticated tasks every day. That’s why you don’t have to be an IT expert to use our solutions efficiently.

Workflow Integration

In this regard, our Media Library defines an entirely new standard: the intelligent, well-arranged interface simplifies complex workflows in video production significantly. The Media Library is fully integrated in the ELEMENTS workflow management package which can be enabled on our storage solutions CUBE, NAS and ONE. With ELEMENTS GATEWAY you can even utilize the features of the Media Library on storage solutions and platforms of other storage vendors.

Flexible Operations Anywhere, anytime.

Screen, edit and present your footage on a HTML5 platform within your network – through any device and without being bound to a dedicated editing suite. Optional, it’s also possible to grant access via a secure internet connection, while you are always in control of the accessibility which can adjust flexibly anytime.

Intelligent data management Precise visualization of your content

Save time by accessing and reviewing your footage instantly. You gain insight into the metadata, see all available formats and benefit from useful features such as mouse-over preview. The integrated full text search engine helps finding footage quickly and easily by any search criteria, such as metadata, comments, and other indexes – both on the online storage and the LTFS archive.

Convenient feedback management Productive teamwork was never that simple

Every authorized user can view, comment and evaluate new footage instantly – anytime, from anywhere, and with any device available. Unique features like adding frame-accurate comments and even on-screen drawings simplify feedback and communication processes remarkably – and render them more precisely than ever before.

Basic editing functionalities Optimal and easy progress procedures

Both editing and export of footage is simple and intuitive. The web player enables you to create sub clips which can easily be combined into a rough cut on the time line. For the export, choose from virtually all professional video formats – from Final Cut XML to OP-Atom export. All comments and notes created in the Media Library will be visible and accessible in those professional appilcations.

Optimized communication Put an end to email chaos and FTP transfers

Create previews of your assets - in the most meaningful manner for all people involved. You decide who is entitled to see what, how many times and in which time frame. Within the Media Library you can generate unique access keys to be emailed to dedicated users. Get your customers and team members involved – without laborious explanations and time-consuming uploads.

Enjoy teamwork

With constructive feedback tools that motivate to get the most out of it – together.

Gain control. Don’t surrender to chaos.

The most effective remedy against stress: a well-organized workflow and precise communication.

Stay mobile

Work whenever, wherever and just as you please. Even use your IPad on the train ride, in the plane or on your patio at home.

Make clients happy

Work is just more fun with satisfied customers that enjoy the best customer service.

Facts & Data Technical Details

For more information on the Media Library and the Elements product series, please contact us, visit www.elements.tv, or consult the PDF hotsheets available for download.

NAS 379 KB
One 397 KB
Cube 390 KB
Gateway 393 KB
SAN 300 KB

Media Library Support

Video Formats ProRes, DNxHD, P2, AVC, h264, wmv (all typical professional formats)
Still Frame Support DPX, TIFF
Audio Formats wav, mp3, m4a
Documents PDF, TXT, INDD
Other Formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD
Search Options Filename, comment, Tags, custom metadata fields
Export Function Adobe Panel Integration, as FPC-XML, Subclips, MXF OP-Atom, MXF OP-1A
Rough-Cut Support XDCAM, DNxHD, ProRes, (other formats on request)
Platforms ELEMENTS storage devices / ELEMENTS Gateway / special deployment on request
Licensing no concurrent user count limitations / 
3rd party storage license optional
High Availability Full cluster support / mirrored database engine
Access via Internal network or VPN, via dedicated web-server / DMZ-protection